Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Does Anyone Know Where

the love of God goes,when the winds of November come early???????????? Sing it with me bloggers:)

I am up ,well I was actually up a lot in the night because the wind was blowing so hard that the house was shaking,my bathroom fan was whirling and grinding,the BBQ was beating against the side of the house,and yep you guessed wood furnace was completely out:( I was truly expecting a bed full of freezing children,but they slept through it.

Now as I look out across the water, I wonder how many trips the ferry will make.Will Kyle get to school? Will Dave get home? I miss him! My chief fire starter:)

My friend Melanie wanted us to each post a RAK that we had encountered recently on our blog,so I will share mine as I am sitting here reaping the benefits from it.Shortly after 7am, my phone rings and it is my friend wanting to know if her husband could come up and start my wood furnace for me.I quickly said.........YES! Anytime......Come on baby light my fire........LOL.He came and started it and I have a nice vent near my computer chair.Thanks to his generosity me and the kids will be toasty on this wild and windy day.