Monday, January 26, 2009

I Spy With My Little Eye

A great friend card that has been on two other blogs,but now sits on my entertainment center.Can you guess where it was seen first???????? I love it, in fact I had the ingenious idea to take the flower off and stick a heart on it and send it back to the person who made it,from me for Valentines Day. How creative of me and I know she would love won't really do it though people.

So I scrapped a wee bit yesterday.I started out with a sketch and photos from my niece's wedding and ended up without a sketch and a photo of my friends baby.I actually used some of the cute girlie paper that came in my Christmas pack of MME papers.I love the pink,blues and yes even red together.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Streptococci Is In Da House

Ugh! Tis the season I guess,but I was sure hoping we could escape it this year.My kids always whine over sore throats,but if I don't see pus I'm generally not to alarmed.Allyson has been complaining a bit of a sore throat,but she had a swab two weeks ago or so when she had her bladder infection.Well this morning I looked in and YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! there was no pus,but there was also barely an opening for food to go down,so off we went to the hospital.The strep test was definitely positive this time,and then the nurse told me that the on-call Dr. would be in at 3.......ah, I wasn't waiting 5 hrs to see the Dr.Thankfully my Dr. who I love to pieces was there visiting his sick wife,so we snagged him and he took her in right away,examined her and like always had a little teaching lesson on the complications of strep.I aced the test and he said that I should be sitting behind the desk.I thanked him over and over again, and off we went to the pharmacy.

Notice off to the side I have a new little blinkie.This one is advertising Stephanie Hart's little Etsy shop.She is a local talented scrapper who makes the cutest buttons and embellishments from polymer clay.Make sure to stop by her shop as she is doing a give away and has some great things to purchase....

I hope to scrap some this weekend and perhaps Monday and Tuesday while one child is home sick and the wild one is at school.....crossing my fingers.

Next weekend I will be taking part in the "Oh The Places We'll Go Crop" going on over at Skrapnchat.Why not drop by and have some scrappy fun with me and like a gazillion friends.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Reno

Hi, blog readers, just letting you know that I am doing a little blog renovating,well actually Kristine is doing it for me.I am so dumb when it comes to all things digital,thats why would I sit and totally screw the whole thing up when I can have someone come in and do it for me.Be patient, I'm telling her stuff that I want and whatever via e-mails,so it is a hit and miss kinda thing.She works, I don't,so it could take a day or two,but I'm loving what I see so far.

On a scrapping note, I did a layout for the Monthly Prize Challenge at LIITD.Check it out below.I started with a sketch,but the layout kinda took on a life of it's own,but I guess that is the good thing with sketches. You can take a little bit of it that appeals to you and go a long way with it.I love sketches!!!!!!!! In fact, you can never have too many.

Man, I love Fancy Pants! This Daily Grind line really caught my eye,plus I won a prize on their blog awhile back and it just so happened to be some of the Daily Grind product that I didn't have.This layout is exclusively done with FP product other than the MM journaling page and liquid pearl.

Which brings me to my other new obsession,yes the liquid pearl.I love it! Thanks Mel:) I have wanted to get the dimension that Melanie does on her layouts but I just couldn't and still can't do it like her. I tried puffy paint,which turned out WRONG!Melanie sent me three kinds of liquid pearls and I used the baby blue on this layout.I need to play around with it some to get the right size droplet etc.but it drys way faster than I expected and it gives you a nice raised dot.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Is There A Doctor In The House

Well hello fellow blog readers...........Tis I! Can you even believe that I'm here? I can barely,but I plan on being around much more often.I just needed a good slap.

Ok, I need someone to take a look at this picture of my daughter and tell me why she does this if she is outside for any period of time.Perhaps she got snow on her face too.Now in this picture, it isn't quite as bad and is just around her eye.Generally the welts are around her mouth and there are more of them.I asked her if she got hit with something and she said no.Her brothers were out with her and they said that nothing happened. I have been called up to the school before after recess to give her Benadryl. I did the same last night and it does go away,so I know that it isn't an injury.

Check it out,and tell me if you have ever heard tell of the cold making people get welts. I should add that out temperatures are not bone chilling! This is not frostbite.It wasn't far below zero and she was dressed appropriately. It is only on skin that is exposed.She wasn't outside 10 minutes either.