Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where did the time go?

It is already the 27th of July and it is already 13 yrs ago that I Kyle was born...**sniff**. I can remember the day like it was yesterday.I was all excited,and then I got him home and it wasn't quite like playing house.My doll wouldn't sleep when I put him in his crib, and all he wanted to do was eat.I felt like a human milk machine.None of my friends had kids yet, and they were all off to the beach and doing their thing while I was stuck in the house trying to figure out this child that came with no manual.I remember thinking......why did I do this? It didn't help that Dave went away to school shortly after, and I was stuck home with my doll,my doll that didn't sleep, and ate 24/7.Thankfully my parents made many visits and I went to there house all the time.

Here I couldn't wait until he slept through the night, until he ate solid food, until he walked.......and now I am wondering why that all went by so fast.Why am I know hoping that he will do well in school, chose his friends carefully, stay out of trouble, when just yesterday this didn't matter.All that mattered was getting him to go 4hrs between feedings,getting him to sleep through the night.Now I wonder if he is ever going to wake up.Looking back, those moments were precious and I didn't see it at the time or enjoy it like I should of.

I am so very proud of the boy he has become and I have high hopes for his future.

Here he is acting goofy with his cool aviator glasses that he found.I'm thankful that Evan sat on them and snapped off the leg. They were driving me crazy!Not sure whose hat he has on or why?I just love him to bits!I'm so glad that he was given to me:)

Monday, July 21, 2008

2 Posts In One Day

Wow! How lucky are you guys to get two posts in one day, in less then 15 mins. apart.If I had of read some of my fav. blogs first I could of grouped it together.This is just too good not to share IMO.

So I have been a die hard Christine Middlecamp fan every since I stumbled across her blog while I do believe looking at Studio Calico Kits.Amazing, is all that I can think of to describe this women.Her eye for detail and layering of embellishments surpasses all IMO.She also has quite a story to share as she is a recent widowed mom of a gorgeous little boy Ethan.She brings her blog readers right with her on her amazing journey,and quest for some sort of normalcy in this situation that she finds herself in.I feel like I am reading an inspiring novel on how to move on and deal with what life has given you,plus a scrapping tutorial on the side.I would love to meet her face to face.

Anyway enough of the introduction.........She has been to CHA and has posted some super photos of new product. Things that I didn't catch on blogs peeks or anything. I drooled all over my keyboard.It looks like American Crafts are bringing it on in the Thicker department,and the Remarks for that matter. Anyone who knows me, knows I looooooooovvvvveeeee Thickers!Along with Christine, I too am a K& Company fan.I don't have much of it,but I have surely been inspired by what she does with it.

Check out her blog ladies for some great photos,definitely drool worthy and there will be more to come.


Pub Call Discovery

So I often check out pub calls for things that I may be interested in or friends of mine.I clicked on this ladies call for her sketch blog,and my mouth nearly dropped to the floor when I discovered that she was from New Brunswick.Someone with a cool sketch blog that lives right in New Brunswick and I had never heard tell of her.I e-mailed her and told her that I would be willing to do a layout for a sketch sometime.She sent me a sketch a few weeks later.I love doing sketches,and I hope she'll send me another sometime soon.

Check out her blog:)

Creatively Yours

There are some really great sketches for layouts and cards on this site.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Like living in the desert!

Gee, I had to make sure that I didn't spell it dessert,because that would be a great thing to live in.Well as many of my friends know,we have a dug well.That is one of the not so nice things about living in an older house.Back when it was built,men got together with shovels and dug their own wells.I'm sure that it was cost efficient and since they didn't have 5 people showering every day and the mountains of laundry to do that 3 kids go through,I'm sure that they had more than a sufficient amount.Times have changed,and I have no water!We were getting by with a little water,and then someone turned on the tap or flushed the toilet and the pump stuck on and pumped what little bit I had out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course it was all my fault,because us women are supposed to notice the starting and stopping of a pump don't you know.Well thankfully it is raining today,so some of that will hopefully sink into the ground,but in the meantime we had to do something we have never had to before.............Call on the good old White Head Fire Department to give us a load of water.........LOL,at a minimal fee I might add.This is great,but it kinda stirs the water up for a bit,so I don't wash my whites here or drink it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

21 Boxes of Berries to Hull

21 boxes of berries to hull.......sing it with me please!

So I made it back from away with my berries and not a moment too soon as they were starting to get to that mushy point. Dave and I hulled, and hulled and hulled. My poor hands are stained with berry juice and I will be forever getting my fingernails looking white again.It will be worth it though when I start mass producing jam in a few days.

We had a great trip away and the weather was super! Hot,hot,hot and then I come back to the fog.

I hit the best dollar store ever.I generally don't buy much in them,but this time I picked up some spoons and funky ice cream bowls for the kids that you put in the freezer. They are filled with the liquid like freezer mugs.I am such an impulse shopper. It was a great place to pick up little odds and ends to stuff in birthday gifts,as my kids always have a lot of summer birthday parties to attend.

The high light for my kids was to get to go swimming for sure.They had so much fun,and I snapped away with my camera.....yelling at Evan from time to time as he didn't see why he couldn't throw water at me, or blow it through his pool noodle.That kid might very well be the means of me being institutionalized......seriously.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Scrapping

Well here it is the first of July or it was yesterday and I have managed to whip up a layout.Most of my friends say that they find it hard to scrap in the summer,but not me.I find that I have more photo opportunities and I stay up later and have more alone scrapping time,because I know that if I am tired, I can sleep in the next morning:)

Anyway, I put together a layout of Allyson getting all ready for her debut as a flower girl. I used the yummy Heidi Grace PP's and chipboard that were in the June Kit at LIITD! I love the colors burgundy and navy together so these papers really caught my eye.I loved that color combo so much that I used it as my color scheme when in my wedding.

I have only had a few Heidi Grace papers in the past,but I really love these ones,and all the flocking on them.Her chipboard is great and so nicely packaged for easy locating of different items.I am anxious to see what she comes out with next. Maybe we will get a CHA peek of a new line.

I forgot to mention my new found love.Right up with my flower obsession is my love for journaling pages.On this layout I used one of the Making Memories noteworthy tear out pages.It matched perfectly and I just had to use it. Even though I wasn't sure if I would journal on it, I knew that it had to be used as a decorative background paper somewhere on the layout. I love it when I go to put something together and everything just clicks,matches well and I can locate it all with ease.