Monday, June 29, 2009

Scrapbooking Gone Wild!

Yep,the name says it all,as I ventured out on my very first IRL crop this past Saturday. I got up shortly after 5 am to catch the 6:00 am ferry out of here.I barely slept a wink,but it was all worth it.No one could believe that I'd go all by myself,but I did and I am so glad that I did. I learned a long time ago that there are some things that you just need to do,because if you sit and wait for someone else to come along with you or help'll never do it.The crop was hosted by Scrapbooking Gone Wild,and the store was also on site,which can be bad on the pocket book.The lady looking after the tab laughed every time she saw me coming.I ended up using more new things then my stash,but that's OK. I still went home with money,so I was happy.

I felt like I was eating the whole time.I would just get done with a snack,when it was time for a meal.The food was outstanding!!!!!! Yum, to chocolate chip scones.

I got the chance to scrap and meet some girls that I only knew on-line or from our blog visits.It was great! I didn't say too much at first,trying to feel my near by scrapping partners out to see if they were talkative,funny or whatever.It wasn't long when I broke forth with chatter and it continued the whole crop. I know you will all find that hard to believe.

Whenever we finished a LO we got to go and steal the coveted monkey from another cropper.This was great fun,as you won a prize if it was in your possession when Chantal decided to give out her prize. I actually won twice.The first time I got a complete set of Little Yellow Bicycle papers and embellishments and the next time some cool Making Memories chipboard tags.I manned my monkey ladies,in fact I laid him down and covered him with felt hoping to disguise him from other scrappers.I made sure he kissed whoever I stole him from before he went on his way over to my table.I often broke out with the Bare Naked Ladies song If I Had A Million Dollars,cause you all know the....."I bet you always wanted a monkey"

I got 5 layouts completed all in all and used products that I would never of thought to purchase,but once I saw them IRL, I couldn't refuse.This first layout is using the Basic Grey Wisteria line.I would never ever purchase this on-line,but once I saw the papers I did like a few of them.

Now you'll have to wait until tomorrow for some more as I still have some journalling to complete and find some good light for photos.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I won't let this fog get me down

No I won't.....even though it is really tough.I feel bad for my poor kids who can't seem to get a decent day to play outside.

I am super pumped to be going to an all day crop tomorrow hosted by Scrapbooking Gone Wild!!!! This is my first away IRL crop and I'm pumped.I've been packing,unpacking,re-packing.I needed to maximize my space and I had stuff I wouldn't use and forgot stuff I'll need,but the good thing is that there is a store right there.Not good for my bank account,but good for my scrapping.I'll be back on Sunday with an update:)Have a great weekend.

The LO tag for June has finished up at Skrapnchat and here is my layout for this month's tag.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

If you ever get a chance to

buy or even go in and sniff these lotions,sprays and perfumes...........YOU MUST!They are the Victoria Secrets Body Rush line sold at La Senza.I first got a taste of a perfume that a friend of mine had bought for her daughter. I had no idea who made it,but it smelled just like cotton candy.A great sweet,funky teen scent.Well then I happened to stroll into La Senza last time I was in the city and they had a whole line of delicious smelling scents.There were shower gels and spritzers,but my fav was the Slice Of Heaven swirl body cream.It is the brown and beige one pictured on the end of the photo I've posted.I immediately purchased some for a friend,yes a friend, not myself but a friend that I needed a gift for.I will be buying some for me the next time though.I put it on my hand and I wanted to eat my arm off. Check them out girls! I'd never steer you wrong in the good smell department.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm pathetic!!!!!!!

at updating this,and you know what is even more pathetic than my updating abilities......OUR WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, I can't believe it.I'm going to build an ark soon.

Well we did manage to get away for a few days to have a change of scenery and do some shopping.The kids were pretty excited to do something different,but ended up missing some of the festivities at the end of the school year.It was their choice and they opted to go,so who am I to argue.

I'll be back shortly with a layout. I am just waiting for the LO tag to end,and then this weekend I am off to a real life full day crop!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so super excited.I was booked to go to one a few years back and Allyson got lice,so that was a no go.There is going to be lots of ladies,great food and a store on site. I'm pumped and I have money all saved.I'll have to leave here on the 6 am ferry,but who cares,I'm getting away to scrap for 10 hrs straight.YIPPEE......I will have to spend the night with my aunt and return home the next day.I'm sure I'll have lots to share when I get back.