Friday, May 30, 2008

Late Night Scrapping

I so love to stay up after everyone has gone to bed and scrapbook.Just me and the sound of JUNE BUGS hitting my window! Frig,don't they know it is May still.Nothing gives me cold chills anymore than them.I know a girl who was at the drive in and of course it was dark when she walked back to her vehicle with her newly purchased fish and chips.CRUNCH.............she thought she bit into a tough over-cooked piece of fish batter,but once the dome light was turned on,she realized that it was a piece of a JUNE BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!barf.

It was a good thing I did stay up later,as the phone rang after 11pm,and on the other end was my sobbing, homesick,stuck on another island from her mother.........daughter:( What was I to do? I talked calmly to her and reassured her that she was fine and that we loved her.I told her she should go to bed and say a little prayer to God,and that he would help her to fall asleep and wake up in the morning all excited to go on her little gps treasure hunt.I felt terrible.........How must kids feel when their parents abandon them or something happens and they are taken from them.Allyson was clearly beside herself,and she was in no threat of danger.She was with a bunch of kids she knew....even her brother.I would just have her calmed down and she would start to cry all over again.I am hoping that this is just a phase she is going through.She never has had this problem before.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here is a series of events on my trip.......I'm going,going,deep into the belly of the boat and now I am all aboard and thankfully not on the ramp that you can see up above us,because for some reason they don't take into consideration that some women actually carry junk in their trunk and find it very difficult to squeeze out by the railings!Now if it was my breasts,I'd smile and stick em over the railing,but I can't do that with my I have watched poor pregnant ladies trapped and men dangling infants in car seats over the side just to make it to the passenger area.

Happy Hump Day:)

Well since I am up way before I need to be,I took sometime to read a few of my fav. blogs and now I will update mine.Not much exciting has happened in my life since my last post.DH and I did make it away on our little anniversary excursion to Costco.We had a great time.....LOVED Costco and I can't wait until it comes a little closer.We ate at Montana's and we both give it a thumbs down.We waited for sooooo long to get our food.I'm talking they celebrated 9,yes 9 birthdays in that length of time.It must of been because the people had sat there a whole year!DH ordered a club sandwich,his old standby and it came with processed turkey slices!So we won't be back there anytime soon!We had to cut our trip a little short as the bow broke on the ferry and the schedule got all screwed up because of the time it took to back everyone on and off.Oh well, there will always be a next time and it was great to come home with money in my pocket.

I took some pictures of us driving on the ferry,and I will put them in the next post,so that they will actually be under what I have just typed.I can't get this picture placement all figured out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

5:52 am

I am up and ready to roll.........don't have to leave until 9:30,but I can't sleep.The birds are chirping,my belly was growling,my bladder contracting,so up I got.Now I am just chilling before the school routine starts.Yum.......I love coffee and a piece of chocolate cake with boiled icing!!!!!!How many WW points would that be?!

I am super excited to go away,even if it is only for overnight.We don't go to far with out at least one child in tow,so it will be fun.Now if I can just get Dave to stick to my schedule,we'll be alright.Might stop to the drugstore and see about a mild sedative that I could easily slip into his drink......LOL.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I can't even believe that I have been married that long! Especially to Dave.........LOL.Seriously,where does the time go? I remember starting off on our newly married lives in our tiny two room house that we were so fortunate to get.It was a shame that a man had to die first:( We painted and papered and tried to make it our own.LOL.........there was only an oil stove and a hot plate in it,and if anyone knows me,they know that I would of never survived as a poineer! Thankfully,it didn't take to many times of Dave coming home and seeing me beet red after cooking in the summer time,that he decided we would buy an electric stove.Man, that was hot.

The winter was another story, we were thankful for that oil stove then.Like when I was trying to look out to see when the ferry was coming in,and I had to first plow the snow off the windowsill the inside window sill!We survived though:) I have it much warmer and spacious now.

Tomorrow we set off on our little anniversary excursion.It isn't much,no swanky hotel and hot weather..............but it has COSTCO! I hear all these ladies talking about Costco and their purchases,so that is where I chose to go.Pathetic......I know,but after 14 yrs of marriage and dating 7 yrs,face it...........THE HONEYMOON IS OVER BABY.Sure I would love to be wined and dined,but I'll take shop and drop this time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back from the Dr.

Well today was my DH's apt. with the Dr. about his blood pressure. We never knew he had a problem until the eye doctor looked in his eyes and requested that he see is family Dr. A nurse friend of ours monitors his BP twice a day and we took the recordings with us. Thankfully the Dr. isn't alarmed just yet,and wants bloods, and another week of monitoring before he thinks of meds.Dave needs to exercise more and shed some of the weight he gained after quitting smoking.

On a scrappy note.............I did the MNML with Vanessa last night and it was super. They changed things up a bit. No more step by step instructions and measurements,but now we have a list of things we must include on our LO,but other than that what we use is totally up to us. I loved the freedom,and the requirements.Great fun I say!My LO is at the top as I can't seem to ever get it in the spot that I want.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I woke up this morning and PRESTO NEW BLOGGIEO..................Gotta love friends who know what they are doing.So I am just starting to get my blog spruced up with the help of Kristine:) I will be adding more fav. sites and goodies,so if I haven't linked you..........blame her.........LOL .I will have all my inspiring links and peeps posted soon.I am so excited!