Friday, May 30, 2008

Late Night Scrapping

I so love to stay up after everyone has gone to bed and scrapbook.Just me and the sound of JUNE BUGS hitting my window! Frig,don't they know it is May still.Nothing gives me cold chills anymore than them.I know a girl who was at the drive in and of course it was dark when she walked back to her vehicle with her newly purchased fish and chips.CRUNCH.............she thought she bit into a tough over-cooked piece of fish batter,but once the dome light was turned on,she realized that it was a piece of a JUNE BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!barf.

It was a good thing I did stay up later,as the phone rang after 11pm,and on the other end was my sobbing, homesick,stuck on another island from her mother.........daughter:( What was I to do? I talked calmly to her and reassured her that she was fine and that we loved her.I told her she should go to bed and say a little prayer to God,and that he would help her to fall asleep and wake up in the morning all excited to go on her little gps treasure hunt.I felt terrible.........How must kids feel when their parents abandon them or something happens and they are taken from them.Allyson was clearly beside herself,and she was in no threat of danger.She was with a bunch of kids she knew....even her brother.I would just have her calmed down and she would start to cry all over again.I am hoping that this is just a phase she is going through.She never has had this problem before.


grover said...

awww that is so sad!
i bet though she will be proud of herself that she made it through okay..poor thing!

Laura said...

awe...that's too bad! Hope she was able to settle down, have a good sleep and enjoy her day today.

Boo said...

Oh no! I hope she manages to enjoy the rest of her evening/night. Poor thing.

nscropper said...

Awwww, how did she make out? I went through this with my daughter as well when she was younger.

June bugs! YUCK! I hate those things and I am terrified of them. If one ever landed on me I think I'd have a heart attack. lol

Scrappytbear said...

uM THAT June Bug story is the worst Ive heard like ever.
I hope Allyson leaves this stage behind soon :( there's so little a parent can do :(