Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I think I'm on the road to recovery

Man, I don't know what type of virus I picked up,but man it hung on an wiped me out.I guess it wasn't really a virus as I had to get some antibiotics to help with my sinuses.

Not much new to report around here.Kyle got back from Ottawa and had a blast.His favorite thing was the zip lining and rope obstacle course.He got himself beat up a bit on the zip line though.Burned a whole right through his glove trying to stop himself.Now I am not too sure this is something I would want to try.He came back with some snazzy new clothes and thankfully an almost washed off air brushed tattoo of a playboy bunny........LOL. I'd be burnt at the stake if that got shown around these parts:)

His photography skills suck however!

Here is a photo of the class,which is mainly boys......not always a good thing.Kyle is the one looking oh so cool under the 1 in 1918.

Here is another one of him and his friend in their newly purchased purple AE shirts. Man, Kyle looks like a peanut next to this

Seriously I laughed right out loud. I never thought Kyle was small,but this kid comes from a family of tall big built people so maybe that is it.

I am going to search through is very few photos and see if I can find anymore.I need to impress upon him the importance of taking photos I guess.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well He's Off

I got up bright and early this morning to see Kyle off on the 6:00 am ferry to start his long bus ride to Ottawa.This is the trip that they have planned and fundraised for all year.He was so excited,and me well I was frantic trying to make sure he had everything and then worried that he won't return with half of it.This is the longest and farthest away from home that he has been without me:( I sent him with a camera,so let's hope he gets some decent photos.Photos of nice things,not boys acting dumb and cute girls.

As for my tongue.........still not normal,but better.I keep burning it though,since I can't completely feel it.I can't explain it.People wonder how I know it is burned if I can't feel it,but trust me I do.Food feels weird on it and tastes funny too.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Day Fellow Blog Readers

Once again I have been slack in updating. I really hope that this changes.At least once the weather improves I should have some outdoor photo opportunities.

We had a great stretch of good weather,but lately it has been back to the drizzle and fog.Makes me want to curl up and have a nap every afternoon,which is not good and habit forming.

Not much is new.I've started going to classes at our new fitness center and I really, really like them.I was sore,real sore the first few times,but now it is getting better.I have worked muscles I didn't even know I had.

I went to the dentist on Monday for a filling and it seems as though he hit a nerve when injecting the freezing,so now I am left with a partially numb tongue for what he told me may be weeks!!!!!! It feels terrible and food just doesn't taste the same :( Leave it to me to end up with something like that.

I'll leave you with a LO I did of Evan,after coming home with his certificate telling me he had moved up in his reading.Evan is all boy and really doesn't want to put much effort into school work.He'd rather put it into playing.This was a big step for him and me. I was so proud and still am! You wait and wait for them to move and then finally they do.The waiting is hard on the parent.I have a tendency to be the Homework Hitler,so I've been told,so this made it seem worth it all.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Yes, I know it is typically only a day,but in the on-line scrapping world it's all weekend! Yippee......

What could be any better than on-line friends,on-line games,challenges to get your mojo flowing,and in participating you get some layouts completed!

I'll be taking part in the festivities at Skrap-N-Chat and The Paper Passion.That is what I love about the scrapping world.There is lots of variety,different places to have fun and many many great people :)

I hope to be back soon with what I have accomplished this weekend.Let's hope I can stop chatting long enough to participate.

To all my on-line scrap buddies where ever you are hanging out this NSD I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself.