Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Day Fellow Blog Readers

Once again I have been slack in updating. I really hope that this changes.At least once the weather improves I should have some outdoor photo opportunities.

We had a great stretch of good weather,but lately it has been back to the drizzle and fog.Makes me want to curl up and have a nap every afternoon,which is not good and habit forming.

Not much is new.I've started going to classes at our new fitness center and I really, really like them.I was sore,real sore the first few times,but now it is getting better.I have worked muscles I didn't even know I had.

I went to the dentist on Monday for a filling and it seems as though he hit a nerve when injecting the freezing,so now I am left with a partially numb tongue for what he told me may be weeks!!!!!! It feels terrible and food just doesn't taste the same :( Leave it to me to end up with something like that.

I'll leave you with a LO I did of Evan,after coming home with his certificate telling me he had moved up in his reading.Evan is all boy and really doesn't want to put much effort into school work.He'd rather put it into playing.This was a big step for him and me. I was so proud and still am! You wait and wait for them to move and then finally they do.The waiting is hard on the parent.I have a tendency to be the Homework Hitler,so I've been told,so this made it seem worth it all.


Laura said...

what an awesome layout of a very cool moment Julie!
Way to go Evan!!
Ya you for working does hurt the first few time but ya know what they pain no gain! Hang in does get easier and when you start to see the results of your hard's totally worth it!

Anonymous said...

Nice layout Julie!! Congrats to your son. It's hard being a parent but there's always that little thing that makes you proud to be one.
I hate dentists. As for your tongue and things not tasting good, maybe you can take advantage of it. lol Unless you have nothing to lose then that would be a very bad thing... I love food way too much to not be able to taste it.

Boo said...

Congrats Evan!!! I love the colours you have used for this page. It's all so cheerful! Definitely something to scrap about!

Isn't it amazing all the muscles that are sore that we didn't even know existed?

nscropper said...

Congrats Evan. :) Gorgeous layout Julie.
Nice to see you posting ... it's the only way i know how you are. Our weather has been the same. blah and rainy.

redmom said...

eek the tongue thing sucks, hope it gets back to normal soon!!
Yay for Evan that is a proud moment for sure!! Wicked page, the bright fun colors are perfect!!

Jocie said...

YAY for Evan!! I really wish I could get the motivation to work out...BLAH cant see to right now! Good for you girl!

grover said...

I missed this post on my last tour thru Julies Blog!
That layout is just full of juicy goodness!

Kristine said...

... a frozen tongue... oh my Julie that is nasty! I hope it unthaws for you soon!! do you talk funny?!!? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter.