Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well He's Off

I got up bright and early this morning to see Kyle off on the 6:00 am ferry to start his long bus ride to Ottawa.This is the trip that they have planned and fundraised for all year.He was so excited,and me well I was frantic trying to make sure he had everything and then worried that he won't return with half of it.This is the longest and farthest away from home that he has been without me:( I sent him with a camera,so let's hope he gets some decent photos.Photos of nice things,not boys acting dumb and cute girls.

As for my tongue.........still not normal,but better.I keep burning it though,since I can't completely feel it.I can't explain it.People wonder how I know it is burned if I can't feel it,but trust me I do.Food feels weird on it and tastes funny too.


nscropper said...

How exciting and fun for Kyle. I remember doing a Ottawa class trip when I was in grade 6 ... it was wonderful.
Sorry to hear about your tongue ... sounds painful and annoying.

Jocie said...

That will be so much fun for Kyle!
I cant wait to hear what pics he brings home LOL!
I hope your tongue gets better!

grover said...

Have you heard from him?
I bet he gets some *interesting* photos :-)