Monday, June 16, 2008

Come one ,Come all

Come on out and play at our Anniversary On-line crop put on by all the lovely members of LIITD.There will be lots of fun,challenges and prizes to be won.I hope to see you there:)

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well here we are at another Father's Day.Man, how time flies by.This is my fourth Father's Day without my dad.For those who are having their first,my heart goes out to you.It really is a difficult time,especially if it is a time your family used to get together and celebrate.Now I use it has a day to look back and reflect on cherished memories of my dad. I'll still have days that are harder than other,but for the most part I am thankful for what I had,and not so sad about what I lost.

The pictures above are of my dad .The first one is him and Evan.Evan loved to take a scoot in Dad's wheelchair with him. There was many an adventure as Dad learned how to get around in this.I was there to be part of his plowing down the table and tearing the door casing off.He was terribly upset,and so were we for him,but now looking back at it I can laugh.The air was blue! For some reason it was Mom's fault for putting the table there,not Dad's for going fast forward and not using any .Evan loved dad,but sadly will never remember him walking,and in all likely hood probably not much at all. We do what we can to keep his memory alive for him.The second picture was taken exactly 2 mths before he died on Christmas morning.I can't believe how the steroids he took made his face swell so.He doesn't even look like the same man!Sometimes I think it's the treatments that kill you,not the disease.

Monday, June 9, 2008

White men can't blend!!!!!

See this lovely picture?............Take a wild guess on what it is?Well let me rewind a bit,to me last night making smoothies for the kids,and along comes DH with his divine smoothie making wisdom.He thought that he could help me process the frozen fruit quicker by sticking the spatula in the not completely stopped blending blender! I was instantly furious and looked at him with fire in my eyes and horns on my head.Once my eyes met his and I realized that he had smoothie completely covering his glasses and hanging from the side of his head like something on that "Something About Mary" movie, I could no longer contain my laughter.It was dripping off the coffeemaker,in and on my already prepared kids lunch boxes for the next morning,perched nicely on my shoulder,and has you can see from the above was hanging like stalagmites off of my ceiling!!!!!!! My fits of laughter sent the kids running,wanting to know what had happened and if the smoothies were ready.Just as Allyson was near the blender a big gob of smoothie fell from the ceiling.......SPLAT.She jumped and screamed thinking that she had been hit by land knows what.This led to yet another outbreak of laughter.Mamma was standing bent over,legs crossed as to contain her bladder.Too many more of these episodes and I'll be all done in.Despite the catastrophe, the smoothies,or the next batch of smoothies were delicious.

Hope to be back with some scrappy items,but I have company,so it is putting a damper on my scrapping.

I am happy to report that today is the hottest day we have had so far! It is freaking gorgeous out.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good Morning June 4th

On a scrappy note,this is a layout I did quite some time ago for a sketch contest on Creative Scrappers.It was done with a great sketch from Becky Fleck:) I so love those MME papers.I wish they would come out with another line that I would just fall in love with.Allyson was so pretty and just bubbling over with excitement on the day of this wedding.When the hummer with her and the bride arrived on the beach, I could just see her eyes peeking up over the window,but they were just a snapping.I thought my mouth might split from smiling:)

Well I am up and sooooooo sleepy.I was up late last night with Kyle trying to figure out his book report.It was done on his laptop at school which crashed and then he had to re-do it from home,but we had some problems as we don't have the same computer programs as the school.He was tired,I was tired.......I ran out of ink.All in all,this mother was seriously wondering why they took away the pen and paper.Technology is not always the best thing. I feel so bad for the kids who have no computers at home,because I do know that there is still a few out there

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I so can't believe that it is June! I love summer,I love having the kids home and doing all the fun stuff that comes with summer.Going to the beach,eating fresh produce,being able to travel without worrying about the kids missing school is at the top of my list.

I was honored to be asked to be a guest designer on Creative Scrappers for this week!Thanks Kristine:) The sketch had me kinda thinking at first and my LO so ended up in a different direction than what I planned for it too,but I loved it.I should clarify for those who don't know what the picture is is of the beacons that boats follow to lead them safely into our harbor without going aground or hitting anything.I think most fishermen breathe a sigh of relief when they see these,as they have put in a long tiring day,sometimes without much to show for it.They are a sign that they are almost home.

Check it out here

Dave and I decided to watch PS I LOVE YOU last night.What a great romantic comedy. It wasn't too far into the movie when I could feel the old eyes watering:(Wouldn't it be great if we all could receive letters from our loved ones that have passed away!