Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well here we are at another Father's Day.Man, how time flies by.This is my fourth Father's Day without my dad.For those who are having their first,my heart goes out to you.It really is a difficult time,especially if it is a time your family used to get together and celebrate.Now I use it has a day to look back and reflect on cherished memories of my dad. I'll still have days that are harder than other,but for the most part I am thankful for what I had,and not so sad about what I lost.

The pictures above are of my dad .The first one is him and Evan.Evan loved to take a scoot in Dad's wheelchair with him. There was many an adventure as Dad learned how to get around in this.I was there to be part of his plowing down the table and tearing the door casing off.He was terribly upset,and so were we for him,but now looking back at it I can laugh.The air was blue! For some reason it was Mom's fault for putting the table there,not Dad's for going fast forward and not using any .Evan loved dad,but sadly will never remember him walking,and in all likely hood probably not much at all. We do what we can to keep his memory alive for him.The second picture was taken exactly 2 mths before he died on Christmas morning.I can't believe how the steroids he took made his face swell so.He doesn't even look like the same man!Sometimes I think it's the treatments that kill you,not the disease.


grover said...

thanks for sharing your memories julie,

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it has been 4 years already Jule! I love the picture of him and Evan.


nscropper said...

Hugs to you. I know how you feel.

Boo said...

Hugs Julie!!!!

Laura said...

{{big hugs}}
those are great pics
Thanks for sharing!

redmom said...

{{HUGS}} I know what you're feeling.