Wednesday, July 22, 2009

B B B B BELLA!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Well you know what thought thought..............

So this is a new version of the old tale,it's a she not a he and she thought she was having an ultrasound to identify some gallstones,but oh no that was not the case!

So Allyson and I make a short trip away on Friday for an ultrasound that my doctor had set up due to complaints of a nagging back pain by times and sometimes pain in the front.As I was sitting in the waiting room someone said that Dr. ???? would be right with me,which I thought was strange,since generally it is just an x-ray tech who does them.In the end, I was thankful as she was very nice,thorough....way thorough and comforting.

She found that my uterus is nearly tipped right over backwards,making her wonder how I ever delivered my children with ease.Perhaps I now know why my bladder has gone have a kidney stone in my left kidney and oh ya a fibroid tumor in my badly tipped uterus,but what I found shocking was that my gallbladder was in immaculate shape and had never had a stone in it.My liver,wasn't so fortunate as she found 4 tumors on it!! One is 3 cm and on the back of it,which may be causing my discomfort.She told me that they are fairly common and not to worry because she was 99.99999% positive that they were benign.However, they are vascular in nature and sometimes when they get larger like mine,they can bleed.She told me that I will need a CT scan of the area and a Dr. dealing with the liver to see what needs to be done.If I will just be followed or if they will remove the larger one.

Honestly, I nearly fell of the table.Not what I had planned that's for sure.I have been to just about every type of Dr. there is except a psychiatrist and I think I may need him sometime I guess know that it is just a waiting game to see what is going to be done.

I now know why I can't grow's because I specialize in growing tumors..Geesh, you might as well laugh as cry I guess.

I do find keeping myself busy and being around the people I love whether IRL or on-line takes my mind off of it.

Thanks for listening to my long drawn out post:)