Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I think I'm on the road to recovery

Man, I don't know what type of virus I picked up,but man it hung on an wiped me out.I guess it wasn't really a virus as I had to get some antibiotics to help with my sinuses.

Not much new to report around here.Kyle got back from Ottawa and had a blast.His favorite thing was the zip lining and rope obstacle course.He got himself beat up a bit on the zip line though.Burned a whole right through his glove trying to stop himself.Now I am not too sure this is something I would want to try.He came back with some snazzy new clothes and thankfully an almost washed off air brushed tattoo of a playboy bunny........LOL. I'd be burnt at the stake if that got shown around these parts:)

His photography skills suck however!

Here is a photo of the class,which is mainly boys......not always a good thing.Kyle is the one looking oh so cool under the 1 in 1918.

Here is another one of him and his friend in their newly purchased purple AE shirts. Man, Kyle looks like a peanut next to this

Seriously I laughed right out loud. I never thought Kyle was small,but this kid comes from a family of tall big built people so maybe that is it.

I am going to search through is very few photos and see if I can find anymore.I need to impress upon him the importance of taking photos I guess.


Laura said...

hey Julie,
glad you are feeling better!! Kyle looks pretty good in that color he's wearing. I hear ya on the photos...Zack's from Montreal/Quebec aren't the hottest either but they have to start somewhere I suppose. Take care my friend!

nscropper said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, there is a lot of nasty stuff going around and it hangs on so much longer.
Glad to hear he had a blast. Well, at least he tried with the pics, I imagine lots of them didn't take any at all. LOL
glad the tatoo is almost gone ... lol

Nicole said...

glad to hear you are feeling better...and that Kyle had a great time in Ottawa..I am sure it is a trip he won't forget!

grover said...

I love his pics...nice to see the world thru our kids eye's hey!

Jocie said...

Im happy you are on the road to recovery!! You son does look like a peanut compared to the other guy :)

Kristii said...

Hope you continue to get better!! Fun pictures...he does look like a peanut next to the other guy!!! Thanks for joining in the fun at the So Sketchy Blog Hop!!!!

Boo said...

I'm happy to read that Kyle's trip was good. Nothing like going that far away from home and not having a good time.

Get better Julie! I don't like reading that you aren't feeling well.