Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back from the Dr.

Well today was my DH's apt. with the Dr. about his blood pressure. We never knew he had a problem until the eye doctor looked in his eyes and requested that he see is family Dr. A nurse friend of ours monitors his BP twice a day and we took the recordings with us. Thankfully the Dr. isn't alarmed just yet,and wants bloods, and another week of monitoring before he thinks of meds.Dave needs to exercise more and shed some of the weight he gained after quitting smoking.

On a scrappy note.............I did the MNML with Vanessa last night and it was super. They changed things up a bit. No more step by step instructions and measurements,but now we have a list of things we must include on our LO,but other than that what we use is totally up to us. I loved the freedom,and the requirements.Great fun I say!My LO is at the top as I can't seem to ever get it in the spot that I want.


grover said...

it looks superreeee dupereeeee!!
glad you liked the freedom of the new & improved MNML!!!

Nicole said...

good news about Dave....thankfully nothign too serious !!!! love your mnml! love the freedom too!

Kristine Davidson said...

beautiful Layout Julie!

wishing you well with DH !

Laura said...

love the layout Julie!
Fingers crossed for Dave!