Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I can't even believe that I have been married that long! Especially to Dave.........LOL.Seriously,where does the time go? I remember starting off on our newly married lives in our tiny two room house that we were so fortunate to get.It was a shame that a man had to die first:( We painted and papered and tried to make it our own.LOL.........there was only an oil stove and a hot plate in it,and if anyone knows me,they know that I would of never survived as a poineer! Thankfully,it didn't take to many times of Dave coming home and seeing me beet red after cooking in the summer time,that he decided we would buy an electric stove.Man, that was hot.

The winter was another story, we were thankful for that oil stove then.Like when I was trying to look out to see when the ferry was coming in,and I had to first plow the snow off the windowsill the inside window sill!We survived though:) I have it much warmer and spacious now.

Tomorrow we set off on our little anniversary excursion.It isn't much,no swanky hotel and hot weather..............but it has COSTCO! I hear all these ladies talking about Costco and their purchases,so that is where I chose to go.Pathetic......I know,but after 14 yrs of marriage and dating 7 yrs,face it...........THE HONEYMOON IS OVER BABY.Sure I would love to be wined and dined,but I'll take shop and drop this time.


grover said...

okay..let's try this again-grover is having blogger issues!

I enjoyed reading your tale of the early days!

Costco is calling..have fun!

Laura said...

I loved the story of your beginning...thanks for sharing that with us.
Have a fabulous time on your get-a-way!!

Boo said...

Happy Anniversary Julie and Dave!!!! Enjoy your shopping and time together! I loved the story of your beginning too!!!