Thursday, May 22, 2008

5:52 am

I am up and ready to roll.........don't have to leave until 9:30,but I can't sleep.The birds are chirping,my belly was growling,my bladder contracting,so up I got.Now I am just chilling before the school routine starts.Yum.......I love coffee and a piece of chocolate cake with boiled icing!!!!!!How many WW points would that be?!

I am super excited to go away,even if it is only for overnight.We don't go to far with out at least one child in tow,so it will be fun.Now if I can just get Dave to stick to my schedule,we'll be alright.Might stop to the drugstore and see about a mild sedative that I could easily slip into his drink......LOL.


grover said...

good times ahead..happy travels!!!!

Nicole said...

Have a fun trip !!!

nscropper said...

Have fun! :)

Love the changes you made to your blog ... very nice.

Boo said...

Did you guys have a good time????

Laura said...

glad you two enjoyed your time away!
Hopefully you survived the trip to Princess Auto!!