Thursday, June 25, 2009

If you ever get a chance to

buy or even go in and sniff these lotions,sprays and perfumes...........YOU MUST!They are the Victoria Secrets Body Rush line sold at La Senza.I first got a taste of a perfume that a friend of mine had bought for her daughter. I had no idea who made it,but it smelled just like cotton candy.A great sweet,funky teen scent.Well then I happened to stroll into La Senza last time I was in the city and they had a whole line of delicious smelling scents.There were shower gels and spritzers,but my fav was the Slice Of Heaven swirl body cream.It is the brown and beige one pictured on the end of the photo I've posted.I immediately purchased some for a friend,yes a friend, not myself but a friend that I needed a gift for.I will be buying some for me the next time though.I put it on my hand and I wanted to eat my arm off. Check them out girls! I'd never steer you wrong in the good smell department.


grover said...

Oh hell ya...these are yummy!
I was sniffing them at christmas least I think they are the exact same thing..they had the swirls!

Nicole said...

mmmm... i bet these would be good!!!

Deborah said...

ohhhhh, I need a new fun scent. I love smelling like candy!