Monday, July 21, 2008

2 Posts In One Day

Wow! How lucky are you guys to get two posts in one day, in less then 15 mins. apart.If I had of read some of my fav. blogs first I could of grouped it together.This is just too good not to share IMO.

So I have been a die hard Christine Middlecamp fan every since I stumbled across her blog while I do believe looking at Studio Calico Kits.Amazing, is all that I can think of to describe this women.Her eye for detail and layering of embellishments surpasses all IMO.She also has quite a story to share as she is a recent widowed mom of a gorgeous little boy Ethan.She brings her blog readers right with her on her amazing journey,and quest for some sort of normalcy in this situation that she finds herself in.I feel like I am reading an inspiring novel on how to move on and deal with what life has given you,plus a scrapping tutorial on the side.I would love to meet her face to face.

Anyway enough of the introduction.........She has been to CHA and has posted some super photos of new product. Things that I didn't catch on blogs peeks or anything. I drooled all over my keyboard.It looks like American Crafts are bringing it on in the Thicker department,and the Remarks for that matter. Anyone who knows me, knows I looooooooovvvvveeeee Thickers!Along with Christine, I too am a K& Company fan.I don't have much of it,but I have surely been inspired by what she does with it.

Check out her blog ladies for some great photos,definitely drool worthy and there will be more to come.



grover said...

i love her blog too!

Boo said...

Thanks for the link to her blog. She's great!!! Thanks Julie!

Laura said...

Wow..I loved reading her blog!
Thanks for sharing yet another great link!