Monday, July 21, 2008

Pub Call Discovery

So I often check out pub calls for things that I may be interested in or friends of mine.I clicked on this ladies call for her sketch blog,and my mouth nearly dropped to the floor when I discovered that she was from New Brunswick.Someone with a cool sketch blog that lives right in New Brunswick and I had never heard tell of her.I e-mailed her and told her that I would be willing to do a layout for a sketch sometime.She sent me a sketch a few weeks later.I love doing sketches,and I hope she'll send me another sometime soon.

Check out her blog:)

Creatively Yours

There are some really great sketches for layouts and cards on this site.


eva said...

2 blog posts in one day! What a treat!

I found your LO for the sketch - beautifully done as always!

Laura said...

thanks for sharing that link Julie..I love it!
I saw your layout and it's awesome!

redmom said...

Smokin' layout there Miss Julie!!