Wednesday, July 9, 2008

21 Boxes of Berries to Hull

21 boxes of berries to hull.......sing it with me please!

So I made it back from away with my berries and not a moment too soon as they were starting to get to that mushy point. Dave and I hulled, and hulled and hulled. My poor hands are stained with berry juice and I will be forever getting my fingernails looking white again.It will be worth it though when I start mass producing jam in a few days.

We had a great trip away and the weather was super! Hot,hot,hot and then I come back to the fog.

I hit the best dollar store ever.I generally don't buy much in them,but this time I picked up some spoons and funky ice cream bowls for the kids that you put in the freezer. They are filled with the liquid like freezer mugs.I am such an impulse shopper. It was a great place to pick up little odds and ends to stuff in birthday gifts,as my kids always have a lot of summer birthday parties to attend.

The high light for my kids was to get to go swimming for sure.They had so much fun,and I snapped away with my camera.....yelling at Evan from time to time as he didn't see why he couldn't throw water at me, or blow it through his pool noodle.That kid might very well be the means of me being institutionalized......seriously.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Those bowls are cute and great pics.

eva said...

hahah Evan :) He's even got that mischievous glint in his eye too! I bet he gets it from you though!!!

grover said...

holy berries! that is alot of picking!

love the pics...coming soon to a layout perhaps????

those bowls are cool..great for those hot summer days :-)

Laura said...

looks like fun Julie! Sometimes you find the coolest things at the dollar store hey!
Have fun with the jam...sounds like you'll have a lot!