Monday, March 12, 2007

My Premiere Post

Well finally I got this all figured out and I am ready to post. I will try and keep this updated as I hate to check out my favorite blogs to see nothing new has been added...........ahem Miss Nicole:)

I never really got into to blogs until I joined the fab LIITD forum. There was no turning back after that. I have my favorites list full of blogs.

Not much new here other than Spelling Bee preparation. I am very supportive,but quite frankly I can't even pronounce some of these words so how is he going to spell them. I am excited and will be just as pleased and proud of Kyle regardless of the outcome. I will sit and try to remain calm. I hope it won't end up in a cat fight or something. Can't you see me clawing the eyeballs out of the winners mother..................LOL.

Good Land Evan just ran off with a whole block of cheese,enough to keep him bunged up for a year. I must go and retrieve it..............Later Bloggies.


Nicole said...

okay okay, i will post something. geez

grover said...

welcome to the land of blogs!