Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When Good Pets Go Wrong

Ever watch that show............well since it is such a beautiful day here today my friend Marlene and I decided to take advantage of it and take a walk. Who da thunk we would of been overtaken and stocked by a rooster. Marlene was squealing and holding onto me like I was going to protect her. Never thought I would ever need mace on White Head.....................lol. If it hadn't of stopped charging it would of been air born when it came close enough to me.........A cocket so to speak.

Had a fairly good sleep last night in my new fuzzy sheets. What feels any better than that:) I must of been a bit fuzzy this am ,as I caught myself trying to put Cars toothpaste on my hairbrush..........LOL. True story, and by the looks of my hair,toothpaste may of been just what I needed to stick it down today.

Got the kiddies off to school and then headed out to teach Cubbies. Why is it that my own offspring wants to be the devilish one??????? The evil seed I guess. Oh well next year he will be in school. Look out Ms. Fitzsimmons.

Well I must go do some dishes and tidy up. I will post again if there is anything new and pressing in my somewhat boring life;)

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