Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ok so I am not quite sure how to get the picture and my writing all in one post.I took this picture of a new house while sailing into the harbor on our ferry.It isn't hard to tell that this is a summer home owned by someone from away.Someone who doesn't realize how much wind and freezing spray that they are going to get.Not to mention the fact that the drive way up to the house is pretty scary.Scary like the plumber couldn't get up the hill and started rolling back and smashed his van up.Oh well, it is a new addition to the island and you,yes you could rent it for $1000 a week!Let's get those telephones ringing girls:)

I think I might feel some mojo starting to bubble up within me.Could be gas,who I was just searching some blogs and WOW!!!!!!!!! there is some awesome talent out there. My mind is whirling.I think that some of these ladies must have everything they need right at their fingertips,kinda like Macgyver or however you spell it.Honestly, I have never seen so many embellishments! I love embellishments.Can't wait for the new CHA stuff to start rolling in.


jo-jo's~circus said...

I love the new color Jules!!

Boo said...

Fabulous LOs Julie! Embellinator, eh? LOL Love it!