Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm still alive!

Did you think that I dropped off the blog scene all together? So many times I would have something I wanted to share and then life would get in the way and I wouldn't post it.With my memory loss if something gets in my way of posting and I don't write it down,it is forever lost in the depths of my brain.

Ever feel that you know someone just because you read their blog,look at their work etc.Well this is how I feel about this talented scrapping lady, Aleida Franklin.

I first noticed her name in a comment post on another blog that I read,and I was drawn to her name. I think I thought it was Aretha Franklin.......LOL.Anyway, I clicked on it and went to her blog and there I saw some amazing talent.I found out that she was on the Studio Calico DT and I so love their kits and designers work.

Today as I read some of my blogs I came to the realization that this lady whom I have never met,yet feel that I know somehow,passed away due to a motor vehicle accident.My heart goes out to her husband and children,other family members and friends.The scrapping world has truly lost an inspiring talented women.

Here is a link to her blog


Boo said...

That is so sad!

Laura said...

that is very sad and to answer the question, yes I do feel that way about some people who's blogs I read.

grover said...

morning julie..nice to see you blogging :-)

i agree..terribly sad & tragic :-(