Friday, August 7, 2009

Results Finally!!!!!!

Yesterday I finally got a chance to meet with a Dr. over my U/S results.It was great and kinda made me feel more at ease.He told me that I was probably born with these tumors.I have 3 in total,and the largest is over 4 cm.Sometimes nothing is done until they are larger than 10 cm,or if they are bothering neighboring organs etc. My larger one is very close to a major blood vessel for my heart.I did however find out that I have several free moving gallstones,giving me the discomfort other than the tumors.This was good to hear.He was kind enough to book my abdominal CT scan along with the head one I will have next week for my neurosurgeon.The Dr. just looked at me when I told him it was a routine check up for the tumor I had in my brain.I think I shocked him.

So what else has been going on in your little part of the world? Our weather is starting to get better now. It always does right before school starts.I have been playing co-ed volleyball in the evenings,and love it,but my arms are a sight.I'm all bruised and swollen.No pain, no gain I guess.

I planned and pulled off an island wide picnic,which had great food and good attendance.I however, need to be more specific in food directions as I asked a lady to bring a tossed salad made with 2 heads of lettuce,and that is precisely what I got..........two heads of lettuce in a bowl......LOL. When life gives you lettuce, make a salad.

Here is a LO I finished of DD.I loved the bright colors of the BG Lime Rickey for this one.

Here is another LO of Evan. I had these photos for quite awhile.I just so happened to be out on the front lawn when he decided he'd be a dare devil and take off Mock 3 down our back hill on his bike.I had to capture the moment,then I went to his aid.


Nicole said...

glad things are looking ok for you!!!!!

Love both those pages! Glad to see you have been scrapping again & good for you for playing volleyball!!!

Deborah said...

oh that must have been an exciting salad. lol

Chantal said...

Glad to hear about your results!!!! I just love the Lime Rickey line. Great layouts!!!

Dorrie said...

Hey your layouts.. they are beautiful!
Been keeping a close eye on you to be sure that you are going to be ok. Sounds like things went well with the Dr.
I am thrilled to hear that!
Keep it up soldier!

Jenn said...

I love BG's Lime Rickey! Especially your LO! I can't bring myself to use mine yet heehee.

so glad everything is looking up!

Laura said...

Oh Julie, I am so relieved for you!
Ya you for playing it's fun even if you are bruised from it.
I love that you are scrapping and sharing your pages...that lime rickey is fun hey!

Peggy said...

Nice that the Dr. put you at ease.
You have been busy!!
I had to laugh at your LO of Evan.

nscropper said...

LOL ... Got Lettuce!

Fabulous layouts ... love the lime rickey too. :)

glad to hear you are ok!

Vanessa said...

hey there Julie with a A Tale To Tell :-)

Good news then from the dr...I hope it is all A-OK for you!!!

Love the scrapiness!

scrapbugger said...

Hey Cukey girl! Was thinking of you and just thought I'd check in on ya :)
Glad things are looking better for you health wise. AND, loving your scrappy goodness :)

Jill Sarginson said...

LOL re: the lettuce!!!!!

And glad to hear the results were okay! :)

The Lime Rickey layout looks awesome - I always love everyone else's Lime Rickey layouts, never my own, lol.