Sunday, October 3, 2010

Well I'm back...................

Howdy blog, it is cold and dusty in here.I guess I haven't been around in a bit,like a whole summer to be exact.Well I feel my mojo slowly coming back,so I think I'll be updating more often.

I worked more this summer,so that put a damper on scrapping,plus our weather was unbelievably good this year,so I enjoyed the beach with my kids,and going away with them etc.I also got the worst sunburn of my life.........ON MY LIPS!!!!!!!!! I am telling you, I have never ever had anything like it.It hurt for over a week.I didn't want to eat,smile or a thing.It kept me taking advil,and it looked disgusting.

Evan and Allyson both contacted swimmers ear too.They have both had earaches,but never anything like this.The pain was unreal,and Allyson's wouldn't go away.We had to switch antibiotics and she needed to go every second day to the Dr.It was a mess.Her poor ear looked like a Mexican party dip inside.....GAG! I never saw an ear bleed like that.

My mom's 6 mth marriage to a loser ended!Actually it never even really began as the dough head who performed it never sent the papers to vital statistics,so she was never labeled as being married..........Thank You God:) I cried through the whole ceremony for a reason people!

Later I will update with the few summer photos I took,and I hope to soon be back with some layouts also.Lots of inspiration out there!!!!!!!! Make sure to check out this week's Creative Scrappers sketch,Mission Create is having a blog-aversary...WHOOT,WHOOT............and Creative Prompts4U has added a new little twist to their challenge this week also.


Nicole Nowosad said...

YEAH!!! Glad to have you back in action -- :)

Anonymous said...

Awww Julie... your and your family have a their share of bad luck this Summer. I hope all is better now. I'm sorry to hear about your mom's "non" wedding. *HUGS* to all of you.

Vanessa said...

ohhh finally your blog pops up in my bloglines!

you had a busy bad the kiddo's were sick.

i had no idea about your mum..crazy!

k...get posting..i want to see some stuff!

Deborah said...

finally!! now don't go away again!

Laura said...

hey...nice to have you back!
Was great to read your catch up...will be back soon to see/hear what else you've been up to!

Peggy said...

Hey, glad you've updated. I've missed you.

JennC said...

So happy to hear from you again!!

I've had a sunburn on my lips before and never again!! That was super painful!!

Can't wait to see your pages! I love your work!!!