Monday, January 7, 2008

Back To School

Well the kiddies are all back in school.My house would be quiet if hubby wasn't grinding something in the basement.Oh well, he'll be back to work shortly.

Mamma didn't like getting out of bed this morning,but she did and once the coffee IV was in place all was good in my world.

Evan came down the stairs minutes before the bus left dripping wet.He was trying to spike his hair.Well all he managed to achieve was the wet drowned rat look.Honestly, where did this kid come from:)

I've been scrapping!!!!!!!! YIPPEE, in fact I have like 7 LO's that just are sitting waiting for a title or journaling or Kristina Contes to come and assist me.I am pretty excited about scrapping in 2008. I think once,and I do mean camera arrives, it will open a new door to me in regards to my scrapping.

BTW, I should get off here and give Jeanette a call and see how she likes my camera. ^&!@#(!


Nicole said...


Julie, you seriously makes me ball up into a laughing fit. You are awesome!!

irisbleu said...

I had a son like that. It was my youngest. Never knew where he got his ideas from. LOL
I do hope you get your camera soon. Let us know if Jeanette likes you camera.