Monday, December 31, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that 2007 is almost a thing of the past.I better start practicing writing out cheques with 2008.

Did you have a good year?I guess all in all my year was OK. It will go down in history as the year of the LICE! Now I'm telling you that is something that I don't want to re-live anytime soon.I will never call anyone nitpicky again either.

I am looking forward to 2008. I will embrace it with a smile:)

Anyone got any New Year's plans? I guess we are going to my brother and SIL's for a fondue.No one better tell me I'm big or eating too much or they might go home sporting a fondue fork in their eyeball...........ain't that right Nicole?:) It should be interesting to see how it turns out. A lot of different types of personalities coming tonight.I am sure that I will blend well with them all. Those who I don't blend with well..........I'll pretend I do as long as I can cook my food in their pot......LOL.

How about those resolutions.......Are you making any? I seriously am going to try to loose some weight,and if I don't so be it,but I would like to give it a try. I will open that new pilates DVD I bought eons ago and give it a whirl.Sure wish I had carpet instead of hardwood.I will get more creative,and try new things.I will shop ahead of the occasions eg. birthdays and Christmas. I will use up a lot of my scrap stash! I will try to not let my mother and her new life she has set out on bother me.I will blog more often.I will love more. I don't think I could possible laugh more,but I'll try.

Be safe tonight everyone:)


Laura said...

I had to do a double take...Julie is blogging again...woohoo!!!

2007 was not too bad for us..hoping '08 is more of the same (with a few minor

No big plans tonight, just hanging with the boys playing games.

As for resolutions, this is the year I stick to it...I NEED and MUST lose weight! I want to be able to fully enjoy our trip to Disneyland and maybe even be in a pic or 2 with my boys.

All the best to you and your family Julie in the coming year.

Nicole said...

resolutions hey. me thinks mine will resolve around one word -- truth. I will be true to myself, and more honestly true to others, even if it is hard for me.

irisbleu said...

New Year's resolution?? Hmmm take the good with the bad..... and I am what I what I am.
Happy New Year girl!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa... you BLOGGED!! Add to your list of resolutions that you're gonna blog more often, k? ;)

Anyway, happy new year!