Friday, January 11, 2008

My word for the year 2008

is going to be...............drum roll please............................


I thought long and hard about what word I would choose.I thought of focus,but I'm not a focusing kinda person.......LOL. It just didn't seem to suit me.Then I thought of achieve,because there are so many things that I want to achieve,but then I had a light bulb moment and realized that if I want to achieve it, I must first believe it.So there you have my word for 2008:)

I want to achieve a goal in my weight, in my creativity,in my over all well-being.I want to learn to accept the things I can't change. Why get down over the turn of events in my life regarding my mom,if I can't do anything about it.I need to BELIEVE that things will be fine and that I will be OK with it all.I might need Dr. Phil to help me or Betty Ford,but I'm going to do it;)

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Anonymous said...

Good word!! I like how you came up with it too - makes sense :)