Saturday, January 12, 2008

I want to be Queen for just one day

is that too much to ask for?I want to be pampered and waited on.Feed me grapes and fan me with branches.(psstttt I put branches because I don't know how to spell that word for palm leaves. I don't want to spell it like the son's name on Swiss Family Robinson)Whenever I mention this to Dave, he looks at me like I have two heads,like I think that I am special or something.Well guess what? I do think I'm special and why don't I deserve to have everyone running around at my beckon call,getting me this and that,cooking my meals,preparing my snacks............I do it 24/7 almost.Please.................just once.Then I realize that I am fighting a loosing battle.

I think I do too much for my kids.Now when Allyson wants a drink, I tell her to get it herself,nicely though:) She spills the milk,I get why not just do it yourself the first time.

You know if I was trampy I could get a role on Desperate Housewives.......LOL:)

I'm sure that I am not the only mom who is overworked and underpaid.I wouldn't trade my job for anything in the world though.Girls gotta dream.


Anonymous said...

Keep on dreaming girl cause dreams are what life if made of. They may not always come exactly like the dream but they do show up in different unexpected ways.

grover said...

Well of course you deserve to be queen for a day!!!
You should plan a great day away with freinds..go somewhere nice,hit the spa..etc!

Nicole said...

Everyone deserves to be queen for the day -- especially the moms that stay at home with their kiddos!!!

Anonymous said...

If only we lived closer :( I'd take you out... and not Sopranos-style "take you out"... but, like, a day out at the spa and mall.



Laura said...

you are singing my song Julie!