Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am here to tell you that Evan has been home for less than an hour and it is has been one hurdle after another. Who helps with these sort of things? Why is my son so difficult,and demanding.I seriously think he has anger issues and I have never dealt with it and I don't know how.People will tell me that just needs a good stick on his you know what........Well guess what.....done that,after I chased him through the house and out the door. It is -10 or something and him with no coat or shoes on his feet.

I should mention that this all started because I got tired of him demanding I do things without saying please to me.It is just a simple request and he knows his manners,so why not use them? Instead we will engage in a manners standoff,in which I am ultimately the winner,but I end up feeling helpless and sad.I think I am failing in the parenting department with child number 3.I never had any issues with the other two.

I sent him to his room and I sit in the livingroom on the verge of tears while I listen to him scream and holler and kick and threaten to smash his window out.

He always talks nasty to me,and everything is "friggin" this and "friggin" that.He calls his siblings jerks.I am at my wits end here. I don't know what to do!!!!!!! Am I doing something wrong.

Now I should mention that there are moments when he is an angel,other than when he is sleeping. He never ever cuts up these actions with his father.

Sorry for the long boring vent:(


irisbleu said...

Vent all you want girl. Everyone with children with tell you that there is always one in the bunch that has acted up at one time or another. When did this start? You're not a failure at parenthood. You just have to keep to your guns and show him that you are the parent and not him.

Boo said...

Oh Julie, I'm sending you the biggest hugs! You are not a bad mommy! You need to know that and believe it. You have done NOTHING wrong.

Sometimes some kids are just wired differently.

One thing I've learned is that discipline is necessary and it MUST be consistent. You can never let your guard down or it will all crumble right in front of you.

I wish Super Nanny could come to visit our house too! Hang in there!

Laura said...

oh Julie,I hear ya! My third son is way more work than the others and I am not sure why either...guess that's just what makes him different than the others. Sure isn't any easier to deal with though. Hang in there, stick to it and vent away whenever you need too.