Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One Proud Mom

Not to much going on in my life lately,other than the fact I have been scrapping and having fun with it:)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the award ceremonies at Kyle's school. He received an award for his marks,and I was so happy:) I was also shocked and saddened by the lack of parent participation in this event.There were kids getting awards with no parents to watch:( The look on Kyle's face when his eye caught mine sitting at the back of the auditorium.......PRICELESS!

My mother kinda hurt my feelings yesterday.She sticky noted me on facebook like 3 weeks ago to tell me that she was going away to her sister's house for a bit.See her sister lives near her new man(insert rolling eyes smilie here).I don't think she is ever coming home,and then she told me yesterday that she had nothing to come home for:( I guess her three children and numerous grandchildren rank lower than her new man.She will return in time to take off to Europe for 6 weeks........oh to be so carefree.

I found that it is better to e-mail camera man through E-bay,he responds pronto.He aske me for my phone number and he would contact me with my tracking number.I am thinking buddy I have left messages for you and my phone number for a week now and you have never responded,why should I think you will this time.Why can't he e-mail me the tracking number????That is because he doesn't have it!He did call me however last night,and was just a sweet as could be,and even thanked me for my patience.He will have a tracking number for me today and will e-mail.....YA RIGHT! I don't think this man knows right from left or has any contact with his customer service. He yet again mentioned sending me the wrong camera.....the one I just sent back to him.I may have a nervous breakdown before this is over.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think your mom means to be mean but I think she just means at home. When your with your family, who does she have at her place?
I hope things start improving with your camera situation. Sure is taking a very long time to get a camera.