Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1st.....Where is the summer going?

I seriously can't believe that the kids will be back in school in a month from now.Where did the summer go?I remember when I was younger and in school,summer seemed to go on and on.You couldn't wait to see your friends from school,because it seemed as though you had been apart in like forever.

So I heard today that I have been chosen as a guest designer for the sketch site Creatively Yours.
I am pretty excited about this and can't wait to get started!I am supposed to get more information tomorrow..........YIPPEE! I love a good sketch.

Not much else going on in my world.Dave and I have been wrinkling,and I am sore......not as sore as I was when I first started,but still sore.I am not as flexible as I thought or as quick on my feet on those slippery rocks,but someones gotta bring home the't tell Dave I said that!

Stay tuned for some scrappy goodness coming up soon:)


Cecile said...

Congrats on making the DT:))

Krista B. said...

Hi Julie - Congrats on making the DT :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie! Big Congrats on your guest spot-very exciting- I'm off to check it out!

eva said...

Cool, guest DT!! Congrats, Julie!

And keep on wrinklin'! Gotta save up that moolah for a trip to a certain middle-of-nowhere ;)

nscropper said...

WOW ... that's awesome, congrats!