Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yet Another Birthday In The Duncan Household

Well one birthday down,still another to go. It seems like all summer I am doing birthdays.Last but certainly not least was Evan's,yesterday.The holy terror turned 6.He was such a good baby,I was sick and he was content just to lay beside me in the bed whether he had just napped or not.If I was really sick,mom would watch him and bring him to me when he needed to be nursed and then take him again. My dad always said that a baby that was that good,was going to make you pay later.He was right! I love him dearly,but this little guy has a different type of personality from my other children and certainly has made me sit and shake my head a few times.He is always smiling,and like the saying goes.....when he's good he's very good,but when he's bad he's TERRIBLE!Thankfully I am one of those mothers who will admit that my child can be bad.I don't try to always blame it on someone else.

We love him dearly and he brings lots of energy and excitement to the household.

Here are a few snapshots from his birthday.It was kinda hard to take pictures with all the kids popping up.

We went with a Transformer theme and I got these great party hats in the States.

Here is Evan most pleased with his new Cars pencils for school.Shame the darn things won't sharpen in the pencil sharpeners there.

Now here he is opening the perfect gift.It is a shirt with an arrow pointing up to him that says......"Here's What Trouble Looks Like".My friend picked it up for him and it is totally suitable.He loves it!


eva said...

Happy Birthday, Evan, ya trouble maker :) I heard you got a bike and helmet!! That's awesome! Enjoy it!

Boo said...

Happy belated birthday!! He's a handsome boy and he does look like trouble! ;o)