Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Break Is Over

Well it is back to school for the kiddos tomorrow.Can't say as we had the best weather,but we survived.At least no one was sick this year.

To start my first week of March off,my dear friend Nicole gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!!!!! Now her cute family is complete.I hope all is going well with them.Could you send me a smoke signal or something Nicole,to let me know you're all still kicking.....LOL.

Not far into my week I got an awesome RAK from Deborah.She made me a gorgeous card and sent me a sweet plaque.I have it sitting right in front of me on my computer desk.It keeps me thinking positive,and makes me smile as I remember all my great on-line friends.

I ventured out sliding with the kids,and what an awesome time I had. At first I didn't plan on actually sliding myself,but when I saw how much fun they were having, I thought I'd give it a whirl.A whirl indeed as I slid down the hill at break neck speeds in a flying saucer.I never thought I could be a contortionist,but somehow I managed to wrap my body up and placed it oh so delicately in a flying saucer.The only problem was that I had no control over the bloody thing and I kept twirling and twirling and ended up backwards for most of the descent which was a bit scary.The snow was so packed in and icy that you couldn't stop yourself if you tried.Good family fun!

I ended my week with the delivery of scrap goodies.I went in with a few friends and placed an order,so we'd get free shipping and well I was most impressed with my new alphas and dotted swiss in many colors.Plus I bought the MM Flower Patch Embellishment Kit! It is a little pricey,but oh so worth it.Many buttons and journaling tags and flowers come with it,plus my favorite felt flowers and butterflies that are quilted like and puffy.I LOVE IT!!!!! Nice spring colors too. My friend Jolene threw in a Prima Swirl for me too.


Deborah said...

well, I'm glad you like it!

Jocelyne said...

That was a great rak you got. Glad you had fun with the kids. I'm due for a delivery soon. When things get in order I will make one.

grover said...

What a beautiful card!!!!
Sliding sounds like is good to be like a kid ya know!!!

Laura said...

what a thoughtful RAK Julie.
Happy to hear you guys have had some good family fun!! Enjoy your scrap goodies and a nice, quiet house this week. Love ya!!

Jocie said...

Im glad you got out there and went sliding with your kidlets :) It's lots of fun to let loose sometimes :0
Nice card from Miss deserve it !!

Peggy said...

Lovely card from Deb. Isn't tobogganing a riot! Did you scream all the way down? LOL

nscropper said...

Beautiful cards ... :)
Glad to hear everyone was healthy for march break. :) Wow, I haven't been on a sled since I was a kid ... I'd probably break my neck if I tried that now .. lol
March break starts monday here, and I am the one sick and miserable ... yuck.

Boo said...

Love the card! Love Deb's work!
I enjoy taking the kids sliding because I love to slide and this is when I can actually do it and no one thinks I'm weird. LOL Brings back great memories, doesn't it?