Monday, March 26, 2007

The Good and the Bad of my Weekend

Well starting on the good note.........I did get to scrap with a couple of friends, we laughed til we cried and chatted,shared ideas and some new product tips. It was a lot of fun.

Then there was the usual grind of kids fighting,homework problems,and my continuing battle to raise my kids up in the way they should go.........

I run into the local store and the clerk says" I drove by your house the other day and Evan was out playing, I smiled and waved and do you know what he did back"?.................I am so hoping it wasn't that he mooned her or flipped her the bird or something like that. She replies with........"He stuck his tongue out at me". Well I did have a sense of relief,but none of the less, he could of and should of waved and smiled. What ails this kid of mine? Is there a certain point where one should not reproduce because all the decent, kind, loving ,good eggs have been used up? I love this kid with all my heart,but man what a strong willed fellow I have on my hands. I am not sure that I am equipped for this job.

On the way out of Church the Pastor lets the kids reach in his pocket and take a peppermint. He tells Evan to take just one,because he knows that Evan likes to take a handful and then say that he is passing them out to every Tom,Dick and Harry........yeah right. Well Evan reaches in and very quickly deposits his mints into his pocket. When I bet there are more than one. I make him put the others back and what does he do? He just does the old switcheroo,puts his hand in , makes me think that he puts them back and hauls them right back out again.ARGH!!!!!!!

Then the homework issues with my DD. I am trying to get her to work more independently. I have spoiled her in this area. She needs to think for herself. I feel like it is a battle. She thinks that I am being mean,when I am just trying to help her get prepared for next year when she will have to work more on her own.

One her way to bed, we find out that she was involved in a childhood spat where, she did indeed SPIT!!!!!!!!!! on another kid. I was mortified. She even gave herself away, thinking that it was harmless behaviour. We were not long telling her that that was so wrong on many counts. She was disciplined by dad andn sent to bed, while I sat at the table with my head in my hands thinking what my old English teacher used to say.................." You chose this course"!

Now for what makes MY WORLD GO ROUND................

Warm Fuzzy Sheets
Kisses and Hugs
My DH and Kids:)
Coffee in the mornings
Reading Blogs
Phone calls from friends
Compliments about myself or my kids
Good Report Cards
My Mom
Memories of my Dad
New Babies....when they aren't mine;)
Visits with friends
Good mail days
New ideas
Answers to prayer
Sunny days
Burning Tarts or Candles
Scrapping Inspiration

Well I could go on,but Evan has other ideas.............I should mention that this is in no specific order.


Nicole said...

Nice to hear my kids aren't the only ones... LMAO.

grover said...

never a dull moment hey julie!
motherhood..there should be a award or something!