Saturday, April 7, 2007

LongTime No Blog

Wow, sorry for the long period between posting. I would just get ready to do it and then something else would take place that needed my attention etc.

Hasn't this past week been an emotionally draining week. On Monday the whole island was in shock after the sudden death of David. I think we are still in shock. I wasn't prepared for any of it. The visitation, funeral and everything was so hard of the family and hard on the people like myself that had to stand back and watch and try to come up with some way to offer comfort. You can say what you want,but I am so glad that I knew my dad was dying. I had a great 15 mths with him. We talked, laughed and cried. We had time to tell each other how we felt etc. I know if would of been different if he had of suffered the whole time,but he didn't. Yes, his whole life was changed and ours too,but he was home and happy for the most part.

At LIITD we are doing blog challenges with Dorrie. The last one issued was.....If you could take one thing in your life and do it over, what would it be.

I guess for me it would be that I would of continued on with my Nursing degree. I wouldn't of left 6 mths shy of an awesome career. Why did I do it...........I can't tell you. I can tell you that I loved it, I had honors in all my courses,but it was stressful and I did not deal well with the death and dying,children sick and stuff like that. I took my work home with me. I found myself going back to the hospital to visit sick kids when it wasn't my shift. I couldn't let go.Perhaps it was for the best, I don't think I could work and carry on my motherly duties like I do now. The extra income would be awesome however. With my memory problems since my surgery, I would be liable to overdose someone though.


grover said...

it is a honorable profession, but i hear ya--i would not be able to handle it either.

see my've been tagged ;-)

irisbleu said...

I guess Grover beat me to it again... lol :( You've been tagged. see my blog